Competitive Volleyball League (CVL)

Next Session will be winter and spring of 2018. Check back in the fall for more details.  

What is it?  CVL –  A popular alternative to club volleyball for players that may not have the time nor resources to commit to a full blown club team. The “CVL” combines skills training, match competition, as well as physical training opportunities. The 2014 and 2015 winter leagues filled with over 30 teams and 300 participants!!

Our Spring CVL is an  8 week program on Sunday evenings from 6-9 pm.  Players will participate in one hour of skills training and two hours of game play each week.  Athletes are placed on teams, provided a coach, and compete against other teams within their division.  Practice and games occur on the same night.  Friends and teammates are encouraged to play on teams together, when applicable.   CVL offers a Middle School, Junior Varsity, and Varsity league.

Week one, athletes are placed on teams according to age, skill level and position.  Teams will be given time to organize with their coach and then scrimmage the remainder of the evening.  Weeks two – seven, one hour of group skills training followed by match play.  Most teams will play two matches and ref one match each week.  Week 8 is a tournament between all teams in the respected division.

A Youth CVL is also offered this Spring!  This is a great way for our young players to learn the game!  It is open to 2nd-5th graders and focuses on new skills each week.  Combining all skills of the game to prepare them for game play!  The Youth CVL will be on Sunday’s from 4-6 pm, and will last for 7 weeks.




Alpharetta Varsity, JV and Middle School

will meet from 6pm-9pm   3/19 to 5/21  $245
Location will be the Alpharetta Family Skate Center aka The Cooler – 10800 Davis Drive, Alpharetta GA 30004

March 19,26 – weeks 1 and 2
April 2 – no classes due to Spring break
April 9 - week 3
April 16 – no class due to Easter
April 23, 30 - week 4 and 5
May 7, 14, 21,  - weeks – 6,7,8

Alpharetta Youth Program will meet from 4 – 6pm   3/26 to 5/21  $145

Location will be at the Southern Volleyball Center (SVC)- 11415 Old Roswell Rd, Suite 200 Roswell GA 30009

March 26 – week 1
April 2 – no classes due to Spring break
April 9 - week 2 (at Cooler)
April 16 – no class due to Easter
April 23, 30 - week 3 and 4
May 7, 14, 21,  - weeks 5,6,7

Peachtree City –  WILL BEGIN SUNDAY MARCH 26th

Youth Program Meets 6 – 8pm and Middle School and JV/Varsity meets 6 – 9 pm each week beginning Sunday March 26th
March 26 – weeks 1
April 2 – no classes due to Spring break
April 9 - week 2
April 16 – no class due to Easter
April 23, 30 - week 3 and 4
May 7, 14, 21, 28- weeks 5,6,7,8



Denise Corrigan        Alpharetta League Director/Point-of-Contact       email            678.386.9766
Joe Whigham             Peachtree City CVL Director               email            678.763.7901
1. What does my athlete wear? Athletic wear with knee pads encouraged but not required.
2. Who are the coaches? VolleyPerformance Master Coaches lead all the gyms with VolleyPerformance/A5/A5 South/GA5 and local club coaches as well as a group of college players coach the teams.
3. Does my child need a water bottle? Water fountains are at each location but water bottles are encouraged (but again not required)
4. What team will my child be assigned? We use a combination of factors to determine team formation. We will attempt to let players of same schools, friends play together, etc….We may move players up from a lower league to a higher league based on skill. We use the first night to form that teams as balanced as possible. NOTE: it is the Director’s sole discretion to move a player to a higher league.
5. What is the format?  The GENERAL format is 6pm-7pm for SKILL DEVELOPMENT and GAME PLAY 7pm-9pm. Generally we will spend night 1 as TEAM FORMATION and night 2 as PRACTICE/TEAM DEVELOPMENT.Weeks 3-8 are competition and skill development.
6.  What Locations do we use?  Alpharetta (the north locations are about a mile apart) a) Southern Volleyball Center (11415 Old Roswell Road, Suite #200, Alpharetta, GA 30009) and b) The Cooler (“The Alpharetta Family Skate Center”) 10800 Davis Drive, Alpharetta, GA) and our Peachtree City - Peachtree City Volleyball Center (105 Mallory Ct, Tyrone, GA)
7) How many different leagues do you offer?  - We offer 4 different levels of leagues – 1) Varsity (6pm-9pm) 2) Junior Varsity (6pm-9pm) 3) Middle School (6pm-9pm) 4)  Youth (2nd-5th Grade, 4pm-6pm and $TBA)
8)  When will 2018 information be posted?  The 2018 Winter CVL will go from Jan 7th to March 4 – we will skip the Super Bowl (Feb 5th) Also, our extremely popular VOLLEYPERFORMANCE SUMMER CAMPS will open December 1st for registration!
Thank you!